Learning Hilo, a 5-part series on Hilo's charter schools

Authored by: 
Alia Wong, Honolulu Civil Beat


Civil Beat's Learning Hilo Charter Schools Series

Civil Beat is profiling Na Wai Ola and several other charter schools in and around the Hilo area as part of a five-part education series. Learning Hilo explores four of Hawaii's charter school "innovation laboratories" and how leaders offer less-than-traditional models, techniques and even challenging ideas to the rest of the public school system. 

Learning Hilo — The Turnaround (Na Wai Ola)

Learning Hilo — School's In (Connections)

Learning Hilo — Defending Hawaii (Nawahiokalaniopuu Iki)

Learning Hilo — The Bucket List (Ka Umeke Kaeo)

Learning Hilo — The New Voyage (Conclusion)


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