Hakipuu Learning Center PCS

Hakipu’u Leaning Center (HLC), grounded in the traditions and wisdom of the Hawaiian culture, strives to develop in each child the ability to engage in critical thinking, to apply creative problem solving approaches, and to demonstrate a mastery of the academic tools and to demonstrate a mastery of the academic tools and positive values necessary to fully engage in life-long learning and to make informed life choices for a successful future.

Hakipu‘u and ‘Ohana -- Each student’s success depends on the collaboration between student, family and the school. HLC works to insure a close connection with all  environments to recognize and facilitate learning everywhere from the home, to the school, to the community.

HLC provides a learning environment grounded in the project-based learning approach. Students learn through both teacher-driven curriculum projects as well as student-driven projects. Both of which strive to integrate the expertise and resources of families and the community . Under the guidance of HLC staff and families, students develop their
own Personal Learning Plan to guide their learning path at HLC and throughout their lives. Students are encouraged to work individually, in small groups, and as a school.

School Information:

Hakipu'u Learning Center a Hawai'i Public Charter School
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Project Base Learning
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45-720 Kea'ahala Road (WCC Haloa Bldg) -- Kane`ohe, HI, 96744