Ke Ana La`ahana PCS

Ke Ana La‘ahana Public Charter School links culture with education and illustrates the importance that it has on a person's individual pursuits. It is an educational system that builds from the foundation of the family and its community. It is the empowerment of the family and the community that sustains such an educational system. The multi-generation facet of allowing the program to endure is just as important for the continuance of an entire community.

Based upon the importance of education, its lessons and the experiences of the child, parents and community, the Ke Ana La‘ahana Public Charter School fosters an educational movement that allows these educational experiences to root the child and the parents to the specific land. This establishes an understanding of the linkage that land has to health and welfare of the individual and the physical and spiritual importance of their existence in the community.

It is the mission of Ke Ana La‘ahana to recognize, nurture, and foster cultural identity and cultural awareness in environment that has historical connection and lineal linkage to students in order for students to engage in critical thinking and demonstrate complete mastery of the academia for the future as a result of this educational program that is driven by family, community, and culture.

It will be through the uniqueness of the environmental setting of Keaukaha that pedagogy will be rigorously enhanced. The curriculum and instruction is aligned with the Hawai‘i Content Performance Standards (HCPS II) with appropriate assessment tools that allow the program to measure student achievements. The utilization of a familiar environment allows for better understanding of what students should know, be able to do, and care about by building upon their daily experiences, history, and genealogy. Students will apply new and practical knowledge for their future.

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Ke Ana La'ahana Public Charter School
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1500 Kalaniana'ole Avenue Hilo, HI, 96720