Ke Kula Nawahiokalaniopuu Iki Lab PCS

Ke Kula 'O Nawahiokalani'opu'u is designed for families, teachers and staff who have chosen to speak Hawaiian as the first and main language of the home, and also those who are in the process of establishing Hawaiian as the dominant language of the home. The goal is to develop, enhance and maintain the Hawaiian language through education in the home and school. The purpose of academics and global learning i.e., foreign languages such as English and Japanese, is to develop skills to be applied in the revitalization of the Hawaiian speaking community through economic interaction with the outside world.

School's Vision - "No 'Ane'i Ko Kakou Ola": A meaningful life takes place in one’s homeland, therefore one’s major contribution to the quality and standard of living is made in Hawai'i.

School's Educational Mission - Students of Nawahiokalani'opu'u are educated upon a culturally Hawaiian foundation. This foundation is the basis upon which students are impelled to:
• Bring honor to ancestors
• Seek and attain knowledge to sustain family
• Contribute to the well-being and flourishing of the Hawaiian language and culture; and
• Contribute to the quality of life in Hawai'i.

School Information:

Ke Kula 'o Nawahiokalani'opu'u Iki Public Charter School
School Code: 
Charter School Focus: 
Hawaiian Immersion
Hawaiian Bilingual
School Address: 
16-120 Opukahaia Street Suite 2 Keaau, HI, 96749