Kona Pacific PCS

Kona Pacific Public Charter School is a new charter school in Kealakekua. Each student at Kona Pacific is inspired to a high level of academic excellence, enthusiasm for learning, a healthy self-awareness, interest and concern for others, and respect for the natural world. The Kona Pacific curriculum weaves academic project-based learning with fine arts, Hawaiian culture and agriculture. The arts and practical skills play an essential part in the educational process.

Our mission is to cultivate in young people the skills, knowledge, and values they need to reach their highest potential. Children thrive in our school, with a high level of caring attention from teachers who fire each child’s imagination. We believe children learn best when their education embraces all facets of their development: intellectual, social, emotional and physical. The curriculum is aligned with the child’s unfolding intellect and social abilities. Environmental and cultural studies offer children ample opportunity to explore their sense of place in the Hawaiian Islands. Kona Pacific students gain the necessary skills and tools to grow into fully engaged and successful citizens.

At Kona Pacific, parents are an integral part of the educational process. Parents create a positive learning home environment and support their children in important developmental activities. We invite and encourage parents and community members to participate in the ongoing activities and governance of the school. The Kona Pacific campus is located on 40 acres of green mauka property surrounded by beautiful fields and forests. The campus is a safe open space for children to learn and play.

School Information:

Kona Pacific Public Charter School
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Charter School Focus: 
Environmental Stewardship
Project Base Learning
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P.O. Box 115 Kealakekua, HI, 96750
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P.O. Box 115 Kealakekua, HI, 96750