Member Services

The purpose of HPCSN shall be to enable, support, and unify charter schools and the charter school sector in the State of Hawaii. The activities of The Network shall include linking charter schools in the State of Hawaii to each other and to the charter efforts in other states, providing information and services to schools and individuals interested in establishing or improving the performance of charter schools in Hawaii, promoting and conducting research on educational reform, serving as a “vendor” for services needed by charter schools, and promoting partnerships with businesses and organizations for both the Network and its member schools.


  • Affecting charter school laws by sharing membership feedback to policymakers
  • Flavors of Hawaii's Public Charter Schools - a 2011 campaign featuring 31 unique public charters schools; showcasing many special educational programs in Science, Math, STEM, Hawaiian language, Project learning and the Arts.
  • Participation in National School Choice Week

Charter School Collaboration

  • Online Training (coming soon)
  • Networking and Sharing
  • Website Member Communications Portal
  • Information dissemination for charter school leaders and their staff - HPCSN e-Updates

Other Areas

  • ESEA Flexibility Waiver
  • Data Quality and Transfer Project
  • Board Bank

Public Relations/Communications

  • Social Media and Website
  • Data Dashboard
  • Charter Schools Quarterly - Newsletter for the public
  • Media Initiatives
    • Board Bank
    • Back to School 2012 - Charter Schools reach 10,000 enrollment
    • Celebrating a Decade of Student's Embracing the Joys of Learning

Charter School Annual Conference

  • HPCSN organizes an annual conference for all Hawaii Charter School
  • Annual Charter School Awards


How to Start a Charter School?

Due to the enactment of a charter school omnibus law (Act 130) in June 2012, the process for starting a charter school is changing. When new application requirements are determined by the authorizing agency – the Public Charter School Commission – HPCSN will update this Web site accordingly.


Who Can Join a Charter School Governing Board?

Each charter in Hawaii has an independent governing board responsible for the school’s academic, financial and organizational viability. The board also ensures compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Under Act 130 (2012), the charter school omnibus law, no more than 30 percent of voting members on a governing board can be employees of the school or relatives of campus employees.

When selecting board members, consideration is given to applicants who:

  • Provide a diversity of perspective and level of objectivity accurately representing the interests of charter school students and the surrounding community;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of best practices of nonprofit governance; and

  • Possess strong financial and academic management and oversight abilities; and

  • Possess human resource and fundraising experience.


If you have questions about charter school issues, please send an e-mail to HPCSN at: